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Published on by Angela Carlin-Brown

O2 Academy

The O2 Academy, Bournemouth, is a well-renowned hotspot for the biggest club nights, big-name music bands, events, and under-18 nights. The building opened in 1895 and was named The Grand Pavilion Theatre. Between 1971 and 1972, the building was renamed The Royal Ballrooms, where the venue hosted club night Starkers when huge music bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Status Quo, and David Bowie performed. In 1982, the club underwent a multimillion-pound refurbishment and was renamed The Academy Nightclub. The club was one of the first to introduce water-cooled lasers and the first Karaoke bar in the UK. In the 1990s, The Academy became one of the country’s most successful super clubs and was renamed The Opera House.

The O2 Academy is in Boscombe, Bournemouth, located on the east side of Bournemouth town centre and west of Southbourne. Boscombe contains many diverse landmarks, such as the Royal Arcade shopping mall, O2 Academy, and the Vitality Stadium, the home of the AFC Bournemouth football club. Chine Gardens is not far away, and it will take you for a lovely walk through the winding paths and fragrant flowerbeds and to the beachfront, where you’ll find Boscombe Pier, a famous restored Victorian landmark.

Blossoms arrived at the O2 Academy in Bournemouth on a chilly night and delivered a set of songs that not only entertained a full venue but also warmed the soul.
By Simon Durham - The Daily Echo www.bournemouthecho.co.uk

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