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About Us

Carlin Brown Removals Bournemouth, with over two decades of industry experience, is committed to providing superior relocation services. Our team is skilled in handling all types of moves, ensuring a stress-free experience for our clients. From planning to packing and unpacking, we cover all relocation aspects with precision and care. At Carlin Brown Removals Bournemouth, we strive to make your move smooth and worry-free.

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Angela Carlin

Business Owner

Angela Carlin is the dynamic business owner of Carlin Brown Removals Bournemouth. Managing the daily operations and meticulous planning aspects, Angela ensures seamless service delivery for all clients. Her excellent organisational skills and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction are integral to the company's success.

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Andy Brown

Business Owner

Andy Brown is a co-owner of Carlin Brown Removals Bournemouth and the founder of this cherished family firm. As part of the hands-on removals team, Andy leverages his extensive experience to ensure every move is executed with precision and care. His leadership and dedication have been instrumental in establishing the company's reputation for excellence.

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