Mudeford Sandbank

Mudeford Sandbank at Hengistbury Head Bournemouth

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Published on by Angela Carlin-Brown

Mudeford Sandbank

Mudeford Sandbank is one of Bournemouth’s best-kept secrets. A remote and beautiful sandy peninsula forming a natural barrier between the harbour and sea is perfect for relaxing or exploring. Enjoy picnicking with family and friends in the summer or participating in water sports around the bay. After a long hot day on the beach, you can dine in the uniquely positioned Beach House, enjoying fabulous views across the bay and the Isle of Wight, sampling delicious seafood and fish dishes within a chilled beachside bar. Mudeford Ferry will take you from the sandbank to Mudeford Quay operating approximately every 15 minutes. It’ll take you across the harbour entrance to the sandbank, where you’ll immediately notice The Black House, which has been turned into holiday flats.

A beach hut on Mudeford’s Sandbank went up for sale for £450,000. It has no mains electricity or washing provisions, yet its price tag is remarkably high. One beach hut on the sandbank is rumoured to have been sold for half a million pounds, breaking records within the area. The attraction for these huts is evident, a secluded nature reserve with all types of protected species and a beautiful coastline and harbour. What’s not to love?

Britain's beach hut boom continues after a wooden cabin went up for sale for £450,000 - the same price as a five bed house in some areas of the country.
By Daily Echo Reporter, The Daily Echo

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