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Miller and Carter in Bournemouth

Miller and Carter is a premium steakhouse located in the heart of Bournemouth BH2, on the south coast of England. The restaurant is specialised in serving high-quality, locally sourced meat cooked to perfection and served with various delicious sides and sauces.

The menu at Miller and Carter offers a variety of steak cuts, including sirloin, ribeye, and fillet, as well as options for non-steak eaters, such as burgers, salads, and seafood. All steaks are cooked to order and can be customised with a range of sauces and sides, such as garlic butter, truffle fries, and creamed spinach.

The atmosphere at Miller and Carter is sophisticated and elegant, with stylish decor that creates a luxurious and comfortable dining experience. The restaurant is popular with locals and tourists and is perfect for intimate dinners and larger groups.

In addition to its impressive menu, Miller and Carter offer an extensive drinks list featuring a range of wines, beers, and cocktails to complement the restaurant's cuisine. The knowledgeable staff are on hand to offer recommendations and ensure that diners have an enjoyable and memorable dining experience.

Overall, Miller and Carter is a must-visit restaurant for anyone looking for high-quality steak in Bournemouth BH2. Its delicious food, stylish decor, and welcoming atmosphere make it the perfect place to enjoy a special occasion or indulge in a fantastic meal with friends or family.

Miller & Carter is the home to the best British and Irish beef. They are dedicated to creating and delivering the perfect steak from the moment they source the meat until it is served infront of you. Miller & Carter pride themselves on the quality of their beef to ensure that you will experience only the finest and most delicious cuts.
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