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How to pack for your removal

Packing for your removal can seem daunting, especially if you haven’t moved house in a long time. Our household items can accumulate over the years, so it is probably wise to see what you don’t need anymore. Any unwanted furniture can be donated to local charities where it can still be helpful to people. Also, any unwanted clothing can be taken to clothing banks, which are distributed across the area in supermarket car parks or specific charity shops. Getting up in the loft and going through all those hidden-away boxes is a great place to start! Remember to take a recent utility bill if you are going to your local recycling centre/dump! So now that you’ve sorted through your belongings and made several trips to the refuse and recycling centre, charity shops, and banks, you can start packing!

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Your Materials

You will need packing materials and boxes to pack your belongings as safely and securely as possible. Your packing materials include tape for making up flat pack boxes and securely taping the boxes shut, bubble wrap for wrapping your china and glass and scrunch paper for packing out boxes and giving them that added protection. A tape gun might be handy as it does the job faster and more efficiently and avoids using your teeth or scissors to cut the tape!

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Fragile items

Packing a box sounds relatively straightforward, but there is a right and wrong way to do it! For instance, glassware, such as picture frames, mirrors etc., should be packed vertically to give the glass much better protection. Laying glass frames flat is a no-no, and you will likely end up with a box of cracked and broken glass.

When packing delicate trinkets such as china or glasses, boxes should be made up extra securely using lots of tape. The boxes should be lined with a few layers of bubble wrap or scrunch paper to absorb any slight impact during transit. Each piece of china should be wrapped in bubble or scrunch for added protection, and the box should be marked FRAGILE.

So those are some tips on packing fragile items; what about clothing? Most removal companies will supply wardrobe hanging boxes. These are very convenient tall boxes where your clothes stay on their hangers and go straight from wardrobe to hanging boxes, saving time and your clothes from creasing. You must be careful not to overfill these as they are made from cardboard, so they can collapse somewhat if the clothing is too heavy for them, so bear that in mind. All other soft materials can be folded and packed into large moving boxes, as these items usually aren’t too heavy, so the large boxes are perfect.

Packing heavy items

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Speaking of heavy items, books such as reading books and cookbooks can become extremely heavy when packed together in high numbers, so with that in mind, it is better to pack them in medium-moving boxes to make them easier to lift. Trying to pick up a large moving box full of books is difficult due to its weight and can be dangerous too. Your spine will not thank you! These boxes don’t usually need to be lined with bubble wrap; books can be transported as they are in a medium box.

Can my belongings stay inside the drawers? This is a question many people ask. The simple answer is yes! Your drawers make do as a box in itself, so keeping them full would save time and space. But when should you not leave the drawers full? This all depends on the items that are inside the drawers. If you have any breakable or leakable items that will slide around when moved, then it is advisable that these items are packed separately.

Packing TVs and Electrical

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Now let’s move on to the large items! So now that you have all your smaller items and belongings wrapped, packed and stacked, it’s time to consider those oversized items of furniture that will need some protection during transit. Most people’s TVs are their pride and joy, so they must be wrapped and protected during your removal. The best way to transport a TV is in its original box when you purchased it. These boxes are made to measure for your TV, so they are the perfect choice for moving day. But what if you don’t have the original box anymore? TV boxes can be a significant size and, therefore, difficult to store. What is the next best thing? Some removal companies can supply heavily padded TV bags to transport your TV. Alternatively, wrapping the TV securely with blankets and tape is the next best option. Extra care should always be taken when transporting electric items such as TVs; they are extremely delicate and should always be carried by two people so as not to cause impact to the screen by gripped hands. Holding the screen too tightly can cause pressure damage to the screen resulting in a poor picture or no picture at all.

Garden Equipment and power tools

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So now that you have packed up all your household furniture and belongings, what about packing the garden items? Most removal companies can move all outside furnishings and equipment in their vehicles. Still, it is worth bearing in mind the items removal companies cannot take, such as gas canisters for BBQs or heaters, fuel, paints and anything flammable. These items can cause spillages, are a fire risk and are unlikely to be covered by the removal company’s insurance. Alternative transportation arrangements are usually required in this instance.

So, there you have it, a few tips on packing your belongings for your removal. If you are still unsure about how to pack your belongings, then it is always best to contact Carlin Brown Removals Bournemouth for advice. We will be able to advise you on the best way to pack your belongings and will also provide you with packing materials if you need them.


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