Moving house during pregnancy

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Moving home while pregnant

Moving house is stressful! Moving house while pregnant will be even more difficult, so you must assemble your team to help you. Getting help from your friends and family is a good idea while pregnant; many tasks need to be done, and your nearest and dearest are the perfect people for the job! Health and safety should be your primary concern, so you could even hire a removal company to pack for you if you have the pennies to spare!

Start planning as early as possible

Giving yourself as much time as possible is essential if you want a stress-free house move. There is so much to do, but being pregnant means, you’ll need to slow down and take your time, not forgetting to take regular breaks and rest. Make a list of tasks in order of importance and work your way through. Leaving plenty of time for these tasks will prevent any need for panic and last-minute rushing, which will only spike your stress levels further.

Tell your GP about your relocation

It’s important to tell your healthcare provider about your upcoming house move to get some medical advice to protect you and your baby during this time. If you’re moving out of the area, you’ll need to find a new GP surgery and have your current GP transfer all your necessary documents over so that there is no break in your ante-natal care. If you’re attending pregnancy classes, it may be worth looking for similar courses in the new area ahead of the move so that you can transition your care seamlessly.

Avoid heavy lifting

Your body goes through many changes while pregnant, and although what’s considered heavy can differ from person to person, it is advised not to lift heavy objects. Ligaments and muscles are weaker due to pregnancy hormones which can make prolonged standing and lifting heavy objects dangerous for you and your unborn baby. If you really must lift a heavy object and it is unavoidable, hold it close to your body, keeping your back straight and bending your knees. If you need to hold your breath while lifting something, it is likely too heavy for you. It is best to leave the heavy lifting to someone else while you can handle lighter, more manageable stuff. A good removal company will gladly assist you in your delicate condition, so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.

Wear appropriate clothing

Finding comfortable clothes while pregnant can be challenging, and wearing the right clothes on a moving day is especially important. Look for lightweight, breathable garments with cotton fabric. Furthermore, if it’s particularly cold outside, remember to bring warm clothing such as jumpers, a blanket, or a warm hat. Don’t forget about your footwear. A good, supportive non-slip shoe is a must!

Keep hydrated and eat well

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Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water daily is recommended and essential to keep yourself hydrated, especially when moving house. Keep a bottle of water close by so you’re not caught without a drink. Make sure you have a good breakfast the morning of the move. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and whole grains to keep your energy up throughout the morning. Think about what you’ll eat at lunchtime in advance so that you can plan a meal that will fill you up and so that you’re not rushing to the shop for some last-minute snacks. For your first evening meal in your new home, you could either have your family bring something they have prepared for you or prepare something in advance or if you feel like you deserve a treat after a long and tiring day, you could order a take-out.

Redecorating and the nursery

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You may want to get started straight away on the task of redecorating your new house. If you are in your first trimester, it is advised by the NHS not to use paints as they could contain dangerous chemicals. Old paint, which you may want to remove, could be hazardous to health. If you are in your first trimester, the advice is to use water-based paints, which aren’t harmful to you or your unborn baby. Please wear gloves, a mask and protective gear to prevent contamination, and avoid eating food in this environment is best.

New nursery furniture

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It may be highly tempting to purchase your beautiful new nursery furniture to get ahead of the game, but this will only add to the list of items to be moved and may even increase your removal bill. If you’re not too late in your pregnancy, holding off from those big purchases until after the move is better. Moreover, if you can declutter in the run-up to moving day, that could reduce your removal cost. If you have some old furniture you don’t want anymore and have been meaning to sell or take to the local tip, now is a great time to do that. Consider having this done for you by a professional clearance company while you’re pregnant; you don’t want to injure yourself.

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Hiring a professional removal company will relieve stress during the big day. An experienced company will detail exactly how your move will be conducted, offering you peace of mind and helping you sleep better at night. They will be highly experienced in all things to do with moving house and therefore have better insight into the best way to do it, including making your life easier while pregnant.


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