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We're a family run removals business who love living and working in and around Dorset and Hampshire. From the rolling hills of the New Forest to the stunning Jurassic Coastline, this part of the world offers a unique quality of life that we simply can't get enough of. Whether you're a seasoned local or a newcomer to the area, we hope to share with you our passion for this beautiful corner of England.

On our website, apart from all of the usual business stuff you would expect to find including moves to and from Evening Hill, you'll find articles, stories, and resources that showcase the best of what Dorset and Hampshire have to offer, from top-rated restaurants and hidden gems to must-see attractions and upcoming events.

Join us as we explore and celebrate the many reasons why we love living and working in this amazing region. So if you have been searching for removals near me or removals Evening Hill Carlin Brown Removals is the number one local removals choice.

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Evening Hill

Carlin Brown Removals Bournemouth is a small local business based on the border of Bournemouth and The New Forest in Hampshire.
We offer a wide range of services to make your move as stress-free as possible.
Whether you’€™re moving house, flat, or relocating, our experienced team can provide you with a comprehensive removal service.
We also offer storage solutions for those who need to secure their belongings while they’€™re away.
Our secure facilities provide peace of mind, knowing that your belongings are in safe hands.
Christchurch, Dorset is just 10 miles from Evening Hill, a small village located within the New Forest National Park.
For those looking to move to the area, Evening Hill is an ideal location for families or couples looking for a rural lifestyle, with plenty of walks, cycle routes and places to explore.
For those looking for a fun fact about Evening Hill, it's worth noting that the village is home to the oldest working pub in Hampshire, The George Inn, which dates back to the 16th century.
Whether you’€™re moving to or from Evening Hill, Dorset, Carlin Brown Removals Bournemouth is here to provide a hassle-free service.
Our experienced team will ensure your belongings are safe and secure during the move, and that you and your family experience minimal disruption.
For more information on our services, please contact us today.
We look forward to helping you with your move.

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Evening Hill


Lilliput is a district of Poole, Dorset. It borders on Sandbanks, Canford Cliffs, Lower Parkstone, and Whitecliff and has a shoreline within Poole Harbour with views of Brownsea Island and the Purbeck Hills. Brownsea Island stands opposite Lilliput's harbour foreshore and is famous as the birthplace of Baden Powell's International Scouting Movement. Lilliput itself was host to a number of early scouting camps. During the Second World War at one stage it provided Britain's only civilian air route: Poole Harbour was temporary home to the Imperial Airways/BOAC flying boat fleet, which had its passenger HQ at Salterns Marina.Well known residents have included modernist writer Mary Butts, a very young John le Carre and disc-jockey Tony Blackburn. Impresario Fred Karno who popularised the custard-pie-in-the-face comedy routine spent his last years in the village as a part-owner of an off-licence, bought with financial help from Charlie Chaplin, and died here in 1941 aged 75.Evening Hill is at the edge of Parkstone Bay.The area occupying the northern shore of Poole Harbour was often referred to by the Victorians as "Parkstone-on-Sea". Mary Butts wrote about the local landscape and her childhood in one of the old mansions at the turn of the twentieth century in her autobiography The Crystal Cabinet: my childhood at Salterns (1937). Her great-grandfather had been a principal patron of the English romantic poet and artist William Blake, and her Lilliput home housed a large collection of Blake paintings (now in Tate Britain). The autobiography took its title from one of Blake's poems. She adored the area and was critical of the kind of development then taking place in Lilliput and Poole Parkstone Bournemouth, which she thought soulless, and far from the "garden city" it could be. Aside from an enclave behind Evening Hill, a local beauty spot with panoramic views over Poole Harbour, modern development started in the later 1920s as more of the older estates were sold for suburban projects. A number of distinctive art-deco homes were built, including the landmark Salterns Court building at the new shopping parade.Before its development as a residential and recreational area there had been industrial projects at Salterns, which had been the district's local name. Some claim a connection to Jonathan Swift and his novel Gulliver's Travels, and there are local streets which have associated names. The name "Lilliput" probably derives from Lilliput House, an old country mansion built near Evening Hill, which may have been owned by renowned smuggler Isaac Gulliver or one of his relatives.Lilliput is host to a number of sailing clubs based on the harbour shoreline. A recent proposal for a major redevelopment at Salterns Marina, has sparked controversy about who will benefit from this. Despite strong local opposition Poole Councillors approved the scheme in May 2016, with planning chairman Pawlowski claiming "this town needs to protect its economy and to provide jobs ... we should be taking advantage of our harbour to promote and help our area .€ An idea of contemporary Lilliput can be gained by following the local circular walk (1c) described by Poole Harbour Trails.Recent years have seen many new property development projects, especially in water frontage or harbour view locations, and often earlier buildings have been replaced entirely.Lilliput is home to a hotel 'Salterns Harbourside', the Lilliput C of E Infants First School, and an Anglican church 'The Church of the Holy Angels'. A recent census (2005) indicated the number of electors as 3048 with the largest single group (29%) being 65+yrs of age, the majority of homes are privately owned, and a significant number of homes (22%) are households of one member who is a pensioner; many households (14%) consist of married couples with dependent children; most residents who work are professional people and many work in Poole or Bournemouth.The dilemma of development is described in The Dorset Village Book: "much of Lilliput's woodland has disappeared, the sound of saws rasping through the trunks as prominent as the speeding traffic along the road to Sandbanks. Almost every inch of this beautiful place has been sacrificed to the builders and even parts of the cliff-face have been built on. Who can blame anyone for wanting to come here to live, to enjoy the rich sunsets over Wareham Channel, to smell the sweet cool breezes which waft in from the bay, and to marvel at the view across Poole Harbour and Brownsea Island. To many, this is paradise."More Media related to Lilliput, Dorset can be found at Wikimedia Commons (click on any image to view in media-viewer)

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