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On our website, apart from all of the usual business stuff you would expect to find including moves to and from Durweston, you'll find articles, stories, and resources that showcase the best of what Dorset and Hampshire have to offer, from top-rated restaurants and hidden gems to must-see attractions and upcoming events.

Join us as we explore and celebrate the many reasons why we love living and working in this amazing region. So if you have been searching for removals near me or removals Durweston Carlin Brown Removals is the number one local removals choice.

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Carlin Brown Removals Bournemouth are a small, local business based on the border of Bournemouth in Dorset, and The New Forest in Hampshire.
With over 15 years of experience, they are one of the leading providers of house removals, storage, man and van, moving house, moving flat, and relocation services in the area.
Carlin Brown Removals Bournemouth offer a comprehensive service, ensuring that all of your possessions are handled with the utmost care.
They can provide packing materials, bubble wrap, and boxes, as well as a packing and unpacking service to make the whole process easier.
They will also disassemble and reassemble any furniture, and can provide a full insurance service for peace of mind.
Carlin Brown Removals Bournemouth pride themselves on their excellent customer service, offering free estimates and free advice to ensure that you have the best experience.
They are available seven days a week and offer competitively priced services to suit your needs.
Christchurch in Dorset is located just 8 miles from Durweston and is home to some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK.
Durweston is a small village, located in the Blackmore Vale area of North Dorset and is home to some beautiful historic buildings.
The village is also home to Durweston Castle, a former medieval castle, which is now used as a private residence.
Durweston is a great place to visit and explore, with a variety of shops, pubs and restaurants.
There are also plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, such as walking, cycling and horse riding.
The village also boasts a nearby golf course and is a great place to relax and unwind.
So, if you’€™re looking for a reliable house removals, storage, man and van, moving house, moving flat, or relocation services, then look no further than Carlin Brown Removals Bournemouth.
With their expertise, friendly customer service, and competitive prices, they are the perfect choice for all of your house moving needs in the South West of England.

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Durweston is a village and civil parish in the English county of Dorset. It lies two miles (three kilometres) northwest of the town of Blandford Forum. It is sited by the River Stour at the point where it flows out of the Blackmore Vale through a steep, narrow gap between the Dorset Downs and Cranborne Chase. In the 2011 census the parish had a population of 398.In 1086 Durweston appeared in two entries in the Domesday Book, being recorded as Derwinestone and Dervinestone. It was in Pimperne Hundred, had fifteen households, 2 acres (0.8 hectares) of vineyards and a total taxable value of 6.5 geld units. The tenants-in-chief were Aiulf the chamberlain and Hawise, wife of Hugh son of Grip. Dyrwyneston may be another variation.Durweston parish was previously two parishes: Durweston and Knighton. The present-day parish church is on the site of the church that belonged to Knighton parish; the original Durweston church occupied a site near Durweston Mill, though little trace remains today. The two parishes were combined in 1381 for reasons not known. The current church was mostly rebuilt in 1846, though the tower dates from the 15th century.A new village hall was opened in Durweston in April 2003. It is a venue for entertainment events and social gatherings, and is also a business conference centre for the wider community of North Dorset.Durweston village is sited on the southwest bank of the River Stour at an altitude of 40 to 50 metres (130 to 160 feet). Measured directly, it is two miles (three kilometres) northwest of Blandford Forum, 5+1„2 miles (9 kilometres) southeast of Sturminster Newton and 9 mi (14 km) south of Shaftesbury. The A357 main road between Blandford and Sturminster passes through the village. Durweston parish covers 1,800 acres (730 hectares) and extends west from the river over chalk hills, reaching an altitude of about 190 m (620 ft).Durweston is one of the last places in the area, if not the last, to maintain a tradition known as "shroving", a regional juvenile begging custom of obscure origin. Every Shrove Tuesday children from Durweston Primary School process around the village during the morning, calling on local people, singing songs and giving flowers. Those who are visited may also give the children bread or other tidbits to eat. One suggestion for the tradition's origin is that it is a survival of a medieval dole, though it was unrecorded in the region before the end of the 18th century. By the 1950s it continued in only a few places, and only survives at Durweston due to a bequest in 1925.The shroving chant which was repeated at each door in the expectation of a gift of confectionary:"We be come a shrovingFor a piece of truckle-cheeseOr a piece of baconOf your own makingFor we be come a shroving" For many generations the people who live in Durweston have sung a collection of carols unique to their village, now known as the Durweston Carols. These were probably composed between 1750 1850, and form part of a forgotten repertory from English parish churches. These came to be known as 'gallery carols' because they were often performed by groups of voices and instruments in the west gallery of country parish churches and, until 1877, there was a gallery in Durweston Church. During the Christmas period of 2009, residents of the village and the surrounding area gathered to record and document the Durweston Carols.Durweston has its own monthly village magazine "Durweston News", as well as a bi-monthly Christian "Benefice Magazine" shared with the neighbouring parishes of Stourpaine, Pimperne and Bryanston.A coastal minesweeper called HMS Durweston was launched at the Dorset Yacht Companys Hamworthy yard on 18 August 1955.More Media related to Durweston can be found at Wikimedia Commons

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