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We're a family run removals business who love living and working in and around Dorset and Hampshire. From the rolling hills of the New Forest to the stunning Jurassic Coastline, this part of the world offers a unique quality of life that we simply can't get enough of. Whether you're a seasoned local or a newcomer to the area, we hope to share with you our passion for this beautiful corner of England.

On our website, apart from all of the usual business stuff you would expect to find including moves to and from Butser Hill, you'll find articles, stories, and resources that showcase the best of what Dorset and Hampshire have to offer, from top-rated restaurants and hidden gems to must-see attractions and upcoming events.

Join us as we explore and celebrate the many reasons why we love living and working in this amazing region. So if you have been searching for removals near me or removals Butser Hill Carlin Brown Removals is the number one local removals choice.

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Butser Hill

Carlin Brown Removals Bournemouth are a small local business specialising in house removals, storage, man and van, moving house, moving flat and relocations.
The company is based on the border of Bournemouth in Dorset and the New Forest in Hampshire.
With the help of their expert team, they can provide a stress-free and reliable service to move your possessions safely and efficiently.
Carlin Brown Removals Bournemouth are proud to be a part of the local community and have been providing quality service for over 30 years.
The company is only a short drive away from Christchurch in Dorset, which is only 19 miles away from Butser Hill in Hampshire.
Butser Hill is the highest point in Hampshire and is home to many interesting geological features.
The hill is also known for its spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and is a great spot for those who enjoy walking and birdwatching.
Butser Hill has a fascinating history too.
It was the site of an Iron Age hill fort and is believed to have been the home of King Arthur’€™s famous Round Table.
It is also mentioned in the Domesday Book and was used as an important defensive position during the English Civil War.
The hill is also home to a number of Bronze Age barrows.
Carlin Brown Removals Bournemouth are proud to be able to offer their services to customers who are moving to or from Butser Hill and the surrounding areas.
Whether you’€™re relocating within Hampshire or further afield, their team of experienced movers can help make the move as stress-free as possible.
So, if you’€™re looking for a reliable and trustworthy removals company that can provide quality service, look no further than Carlin Brown Removals Bournemouth.
With their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can be sure your possessions will be moved with care and efficiency.

Photos of Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and Butser Hill

Butser Hill


Butser Hill is a hill and nature reserve in Hampshire, England. South-west of Petersfield, it is a 239.7-hectare (592-acre) biological and geological Site of Special Scientific Interest. It is a national nature reserve and a Special Area of Conservation. Part of it is a Geological Conservation Review site and an area of 84.8 hectares (210 acres) is Oxenbourne Down, which is designated a Local Nature Reserve. Part of it is a Scheduled Monument.It is a chalk hill and one of the highest points in Hampshire. It is also the highest point on the chalk ridge of the South Downs and the second highest point in the South Downs National Park after Blackdown in the Western Weald. Although only 271 metres (889 ft) high, it qualifies as one of England's Marilyns. It is located within the borders of the Queen Elizabeth Country Park.The name Butser comes from the Old English Bryttes Oran meaning Briht's slope. Oran or Ora is Old English for flat topped hill and/or steep slope.The flat summit is surrounded by a number of spurs. Iron Age ditches and banks divide the spurs from the summit although the purpose of these earthworks is unclear.There is evidence of lynchet farming on the southeast side of the hill. The age of the lynchets is unknown but Roman pottery has been brought to the surface by rabbit holes.There are aerial masts on the hill.The hill was purchased by Hampshire County Council in 1966. Prior to the purchase the summit was used for growing wheat but now the only farming activity is grazing. In December 2021 a £240,000 program was announced to restore grassland on the hill and improve trails.Butser Hill has a rich variety of flora and fauna located upon the hill. Butser Hill is in the top twenty Hampshire chalk grassland sites for its rich vascular flora, and is the richest chalk grassland site in Hampshire in terms of its bryophyte (125 species) and lichen (82 species) flora. As well as this, over 30 species of butterfly have been recorded, including populations of Duke of Burgundy and the Silver-spotted Skipper, making the area an important conservation area for many butterfly species.There is an annual Fell Run called the Butser Hill Challenge that involves running up and down the hill three times.A spur of Butser Hill known as Little Butser was the original home of the Butser Ancient Farm experimental archaeology project.Butser Hill has been a primary hang-gliding site since the early-1970s.

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