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We're a family run removals business who love living and working in and around Dorset and Hampshire. From the rolling hills of the New Forest to the stunning Jurassic Coastline, this part of the world offers a unique quality of life that we simply can't get enough of. Whether you're a seasoned local or a newcomer to the area, we hope to share with you our passion for this beautiful corner of England.

On our website, apart from all of the usual business stuff you would expect to find including moves to and from Bear Cross, you'll find articles, stories, and resources that showcase the best of what Dorset and Hampshire have to offer, from top-rated restaurants and hidden gems to must-see attractions and upcoming events.

Join us as we explore and celebrate the many reasons why we love living and working in this amazing region. So if you have been searching for removals near me or removals Bear Cross Carlin Brown Removals is the number one local removals choice.

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Bear Cross

Carlin Brown Removals Bournemouth are a small local business based on the border of Bournemouth in Dorset and The New Forest in Hampshire.
They offer a wide variety of house removals, storage, man and van, moving house, moving flat, and relocation services.
Established in 2002, Carlin Brown Removals have quickly established a reputation for providing customers with exceptional customer service, ensuring that all their needs are met.
As a local family run business, they understand the importance of moving homes and businesses, and strive to make the process as stress-free and efficient as possible.
For those looking to move to or from the Bournemouth and New Forest area, Carlin Brown Removals offer a range of services to suit all needs and budgets.
Whether you’€™re looking for a full house removal, storage, man and van, moving house, moving flat, or relocation service, they’€™re here to help.
For those looking to move from Christchurch in Dorset to Bear Cross, Carlin Brown Removals can assist.
Bear Cross is located just 9 miles away and the company can provide a reliable and affordable service.
Bear Cross is a small village in Dorset, situated close to the A31 and A338 roads.
It has a long and interesting history, having been mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086.
It is also home to a number of historical sites, including St.
John the Baptist Church, which dates back to the Medieval era.
For those looking to move to Bear Cross, there are a number of things to do and see in the local area.
There are some fantastic walking and cycling routes, as well as a number of local pubs, restaurants, and shops.
It’€™s also home to a number of nature reserves and parks, making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.
So, if you’€™re looking for a reliable and affordable house removals, storage, man and van, moving house, flat, or relocation service in the Bournemouth and New Forest area, look no further than Carlin Brown Removals.
With years of experience in the industry and a commitment to providing exceptional customer service, you can trust them to make your move as stress-free and efficient as possible.

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Bear Cross


Bear Cross is a suburb on the north-western edge of Bournemouth, Dorset, taking its name from the crossroads made by the main road (A348) between Poole and Ringwood and the Wimborne Road/Magna Road (A341).Long prior to any settlement taking place, this area was known as 'Beare Bottom', 'Beare' deriving from the Old English bearū (meaning 'woodland') and 'Bottom' simply denoting the area's location at the bottom of the Stour Valley. Strips of ancient woodland or bearū still survive and these gave rise, after 1925, to the tautological place-name Bearwood, denoting the suburban area immediately west of Bear Cross.It was once maintained that the name Bear Cross commemorated a bear pit or bear-baiting post in the vicinity. More recent research suggests that this story only dates from 1970, when the origins of local toponyms were being discussed in Bournemouth's Evening Echo. This story nevertheless gave rise to the image of a bear in chains which still adorns the Bear Cross pub sign, and which also features in the badge associated with the local Oakmead College of Technology.Though the ancient hamlets of East Howe, High Howe and West Howe lay to the south, with a farming hamlet called Cudnel to the east, settlement at Bear Cross itself only began after 1756 when the main route from Poole to Ringwood was diverted to its present position that of the A348, or Ringwood Road. (It was this development which effectively created Bear Cross.) Prior to the cutting of this road, travellers between Poole and Ringwood would have been obliged to follow a circuitous route via Kinson (and thence to Longham), but this route had fallen into neglect by the eighteenth century and a straighter route was in any case considered more desirable. Work on the new route was orchestrated by the Poole Turnpike Trust, the new road initially operating as a toll road.The Bear Cross pub was put up in 1931-2, replacing a previous hostelry which had variously been known as 'The Bear Cross Inn' or 'The Brickmakers Arms'. The first licensee of this earlier hostelry, George Ware, worked as a brickmaker by day, as did most local inhabitants, as the ferruginous clays of the area had given rise to a flourishing brickmaking industry by the mid-nineteenth century. On Ware's death in 1883 the inn's licence passed to the Lane family, among them Frank Lane, who worked as a carpenter by day and built coffins for the Gypsy community on nearby Alderney Common. His son Arthur Lane was born above The Bear Cross Inn in 1913, and could recall Augustus John who lived at Alderney Manor between 1911 and 1927 - spending 'rumbustious' evenings on the premises, plus similar evenings at The Shoulder of Mutton in West Howe.The longest road in Bournemouth, Wimborne Road, ends at the Bear Cross roundabout. House numbers reach 1714 on the even side and 1823 on the odd.

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